American School of Kosova – ASK

American School of Kosova is highly ranked by Cognia (AdvancED) + MASHT

American School of Kosova is highly ranked by Cognia (AdvancED) + MASHT, the largest accrediting institution in the world of education. In May, 2018, Cognia (AdvancED) ranked the American School of Kosova above the Cognia (AdvancED) Network Average. Cognia (AdvancED) acknowledges and applauds the dedication of the American School of Kosova to continuous improvement and commitment to quality.


Besa Domi

Dona Lluka

Kadina Bogaj Thaçi

A School That Exceeds Expectations

As a single, full-time working mother of an 8-year-old son, finding a school that meets both my standards for education, safety and wellbeing of my child - was paramount. We've been part of the American School of Kosova community for three years now, and from day one, the leadership, the teachers and the staff of ASK have consistently surpassed my expectations in every aspect. The commitment to excellence in education, supportive environment, and overall positive atmosphere have made my experience as a parent truly rewarding. Not only does the school excel in providing top-notch education and a nurturing environment for my child's growth, I'm also very impressed by the school's proactive approach to preventing bullying. The school takes adequate measures in consultation with parents to ensure a safe and inclusive atmosphere where every child feels valued and respected.

Best wishes,

Empowering the Next Generation

All schools talk about the quality of education they provide, but practice makes the difference. ASK truly deserves to be a leader in quality; I see this both as a mother and as a parent, from the assignments my children receive, from the logic they develop while completing their tasks.

ASK is influencing the new generation to become more agile, more critical, more inquisitive; this is the essence of what sets it apart from other schools. I have confirmed this from the comparison I make between peers of the same age from different schools.

Based on facts, I remain fully confident in ASK's excellent principles, considering them valuable, precious, and as a mother, I am proud of the cooperation so far for the quality education of my children.

Thank you, ASK, keep going!

Dona Lluka

The ASK has helped my child in everything that she does

The ASK has helped my child in everything that she does. All staff at this school are really helpful and I feel that my child is receiving everything that she needs. The teachers get to know your children as individuals and push them to levels they can and should achieve, and also they have been great at keeping us updated with her school life. My child is very happy and I am so pleased with her progress.

Kadina Bogaj Thaçi