PAYMENT MODALITIES – American School of Kosova



Regarding Tuition Fee, American School of Kosova offers these payment methods:

Option 1: One installment• Paid in full by August 22, 2022
Option 2: Two installments (with an increase of 3%)• 50% paid by August 22, 2022
• 50% paid by February 1, 2023

Option 3: Four installments (with an increase of 4%) • 25% paid by August 22, 2022
• 25% paid by November 1, 2022
• 25% paid by January 15, 2023
• 25% paid by March 15, 2023
Option 4: Monthly, up to 10 installments.(with an increase of  5%) by 15th of June, 2023• Monthly payment through direct debit (eligible for parents who receive the salary through bank) or standing order.
Option 5: Student Loan• Student loans with BKT, Raiffeisen Bank, and Pro Credit Bank, with preferential interest loan to be covered by the parent.

Remarks: No students will be allowed to Re-Enroll who have any outstanding unpaid balance with ASK from the previous year.500 euros deposit (non-refundable) is obligatory payment at the time you sign the contract in order to confirm your child’s placement for next year. Uniforms, books, and technology fee is obligatory payment at the time you sign the contract.