ASK Library – American School of Kosova

ASK Library

The ASK Library is open from 7.30 until 16.00 every school day. During this time, students are encouraged to come in to check out books, read silently, work quietly (independently or as a small group), use computers, and print materials related to assigned class work.

All students, teachers and ASK staff members may use the library. As with any library, all borrowed materials must be checked out with the ASK librarian, and must be returned to the librarian to be recorded in the computer system. Upon entry into the library, during school hours, all students must report to the librarian to state the purpose for coming to the library and show their hall pass. The circulation period for borrowed material is two weeks.

In order to raise awareness towards the importance of reading  the activities that our librarians organize include: reading independently, national library field trips, book discussions, parents reading night etc.