FAQ – American School of Kosova


1. What universities recognize the ASK diploma?
The accreditation of ASK is recognized worldwide; however, each university and country may have special or additional requirements and prerequisites for attendance.

2. Does ASK offer team school sports?
Yes. Please see the KAAPS tournament calendar and ASA offered actives.

3. Why is MAP important?
MAP is used to measure a student’s progress or growth in school. The testing information is important to teachers because it indicates a student’s strengths are and help that is needed in any specific areas. Teachers can use this information to help them guide instruction in the classroom. The power of MAP is in the unparalleled assessment data it generates and archives, and the resulting window it provides into a student’s educational trajectory through every school year from K through 12. When combined to form a complete interim assessment suite, MAP assessments present valid and reliable results that support growth measurement and benefit students, teachers, and parents year after year.

4. What is special about your campus?
Our campus is designed as a multifunctional space where multipurpose are developed in one place and natural lighting is enhanced. There is a variety of fun colors in the interior with child friendly furniture that add to the creative atmosphere. The yard is enriched with an amphitheater, various climbing apparatus, basketball court, soccer field, and blacktop for ball games.

5. Is the school accredited?
The American School of Kosova has been accredited with AdvancED-Cognia since 2005 to present day and since 2003 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

6. What nationalities are represented in the school?
A range cultures is represented in the school. There are about 25 nationalities at ASK. Approximately 80% of the students are Kosovar Albanians, about 10% are American, and the rest are from other countries of Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

7. What are the class sizes?
On the average there are 20 students per class. Maximum class size is 25 students per teacher at all levels.

8. Will my child(ren) learn foreign languages at ASK?
Is required in order to graduate, every student must take 2 years of foreign language. We offer German, French, and Italian as a second language, Albanian as a local language for grade 1-12. The classes are offered by levels, from beginners to advanced, with students placed in their appropriate level with other students their age.

9. Does my child need to speak & write English to enter ASK?
Not if your child would enter grade 4 or lower. However, for grade 5 and above, we require increasingly better English to enter the school. For the High School Division we require all new applicants to take the ASK Entrance Examination in order to register.

10. What extra-curricular activities do you offer?
There is an extensive sports program, arts and crafts options, music and drama, and a whole range of clubs and activities, including student government, community and social service, ecology, Model United Nations, Newsletter, Basketball, etc.

11. Location of the campus?
ASK is located Shkabaj, Prishtina. There are classroom buildings, a resource center and library, two computer laboratories, 4 science laboratories, and a cafeteria.

12. What schools do your graduates attend after graduation?
ASK was founded in 2003, and had only 2 graduates. Since then, we have had over 480 graduates, from which 38% are in Universities abroad (15% US; 23% Europe) and 62% are in universities in Kosova, mainly at the American University in Kosovo (AUK). All of the students that are abroad have earned at least one scholarship. The lowest amount of scholarship gained so far by our students is $7,500, while the highest being $230,000. It is worth mentioning that part of our students at AUK have earned scholarships as well.

13. Will it be difficult for my child to integrate into the school?
No, as nearly one third of the students are new to the school each year. We do special orientation programs for new students and parents.

14. What are the school hours?
School runs from 07:45 AM until 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Student Clubs gather after school classes.

15. Are parents involved in the life of the school?

Parents are invited to come at Open House, conferences, and committees. Some are also involved in after school activities and sports. We love to see parents at school!