College Guidance & Career Counseling – American School of Kosova

College Guidance & Career Counseling

Dear ASK Community,

As we embark on a new school year, the College Guidance Department at the American School of Kosova extends a warm welcome to all our returning students and a heartfelt greeting to our incoming freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students. We trust that each of you had a rejuvenating summer and are ready for an exciting and productive academic year.

I am thrilled to introduce myself as Shpresa Hana, the College Guidance Counselor and Coordinator for the AP Program at ASK. Having been a part of this school since its inception, I have witnessed its growth, development, and most recently, the historic move to our new beautiful campus. In sync with ASK’s evolution, I am embracing a new role that aligns with my passion for guiding students towards their higher education goals.

As a British citizen, my experience with the British education system and exposure to European universities have enriched my perspective. I had the privilege of visiting the USA, delving deeper into the workings of the College Board, gaining insights into the role of College Guidance, and understanding what universities look for in applications.

On a personal note, navigating my children through the college application process allowed me to view the experience from both parental and guidance counselor lenses. I am eager to share my expertise and knowledge to assist every student in finding their unique pathways to university or college.

I am committed to being a resource for each of you and will make every effort to be accessible. Students, parents, and guardians are all welcome to schedule appointments with me to discuss any concerns or queries.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunities the new school year will bring, and I look forward to meeting each of you in and around the school, as well as at various guidance-related events. Should you need any information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

Wishing everyone a successful and fulfilling academic year!


Shpresa Hana,
College Guidance & Upper School Coordinator