ASK History – American School of Kosova

ASK History

The mission of ASK is embedded in the history of Kosovo. As a new republic was born in 2008, the American School of Kosova was already established. ASK was envisioned by founder, Mr. Ardian Hoxha, in 2003 to give hope to the country by providing quality education which would contribute to building a stronger country and a better future. Over the last 15 years we have grown to be a school community that is not only serving the families of Kosovo but has also become an important choice for international families.

In the last 15 years, we have grown in size, diversity, and quality in all areas of our school. From our first enrollment of 105 students and 8 teachers in 2003, to having an enrollment of 816 students ages 2-18 with 50 faculty members and a full administrative support team today. We first began in a renovated building in the city center near the Newborn Sculpture with a second elementary building in Matiqan. In November of 2018 we moved into a state of the art purpose built campus with two buildings and a beautifully landscaped environment.

We work hard to prepare our students for the best universities in the world. Many of our alumni have received significant scholarships to American and European universities and even 100% fully paid scholarships. We are proud of the class of 2018 and three students who earned 4 year full scholarships to attend Harvard, US; Hult University, GB; Jacobs University, Germany etc. Please see the ASK Profile for additional alumni and matriculation information.

What are the class sizes?

On the average there are 20 students per class. Maximum class size is 16 students per teacher at all levels.

Will my child(ren) learn foreign languages at ASK?

In order to graduate, every student must take 2 years of a foreign language. We offer German and Italian as second languages, and Albanian is available as a local language for grades 1-12. The classes are offered by levels, from beginners to advanced, with students placed in their appropriate level alongside others their age.