Uniforms – American School of Kosova


Are uniforms required at the school? Is there a dress code?

Yes, all students from Grade 1-12 are required to wear the uniforms and the dress code aligns with the school code for behavior, emphasizing Respect, Responsibility, and Honesty. Teachers, as well as the elementary students, on the other hand, are not required to wear uniforms, but dress in casual, clean, and neat clothes. From Monday to Thursday students are obligated to wear uniforms, except for Friday which is ‘The Casual Dress Day’, which allows our students to express themselves and wear their favorite clothes.

The cost of the obligated uniforms package when you enter the school is: 240 € and includes these pieces; 1 Polo Shirt – short sleeve, 1 Polo Shirt – long sleeve, 2 Basic T-shirt, 1 Cardigan, 1 Set of Tracksuit, 2 Pairs of Pants, 1 Pair of Shorts.