Middle School – American School of Kosova

Middle School

( 5-8 Grade)

Middle School Philosophy

ASK Middle School provides a rigorous curriculum focused on helping students to become increasingly independent learners and preparing them to succeed in high school and beyond. Across the years, students grow their abilities to become deep thinking readers who make meaning reading a high number of books; writers who convey meaning publishing personal narratives, short stories, essays, and reports; conversationalists who engage in discussions to build and shape understanding while learning collaboratively; and presenters who inform, educate, and entertain. In mathematics students master basic facts with automaticity and learn to problem solve. Science and social studies are approached through project-based learning. Art, music, drama, and physical education complete ASK’s students well-rounded progressive education experience. And continuing on from the elementary school, ASK students develop a sense of community. The ASK Middle School Advisory Program helps students understand themselves and gain perspective and empathy for their peers. Our students grow character virtues that develop a sense of responsibility and leadership that will serve them for a lifetime and guide them to give back to society to make the world a better place. The ASK Middle School Student Senate are guided to lead their classmates and the school Community to become Global Citizens, making significant contributions to society.



The curriculum at ASK is based on U.S Common Core State Standards that define what students should know and be able to do for each subject area. These standards provide clear and coherent learning targets and progression. Standards are divided into benchmarks, which describe the increasingly complex content and skills that students address as they move from one grade level to another. Standards and benchmarks help us focus on the process, as well as the product, and break learning into manageable steps that guide teachers and can be shared with students.

Here you may find the ES & MS Curriculum Handbook

Student Handbook

The behavioral philosophy at ASK is to support students in their learning of responsibility and self-discipline as an educational process rather than as a punitive outcome. We support a model of positive discipline: setting clear expectations for behavior, providing explicit teaching of expectations, and delivering meaningful and timely feedback for appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Here you may find the Upper School Student Handbook

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program is a program developed by the school’s Advisory Team which helps students with their social/emotional growth, leadership skills and overall social dilemmas. The Advisory Program offers emotional support for students. Students meet regularly with the assigned Homeroom teacher during a scheduled period. Different activities are planned in order to provide consistent support and guidance from the teacher.

Here you may find the Advisory Program Handbook

Student Service

At the American School of Kosova (ASK), we are committed to building a community of diverse learners, which benefits us all as an inclusive community and as global citizens. We invite and welcome students with a range of needs on a case-by-case basis given our present ability to provide the necessary services and support. We believe that everyone should be included, challenged, and successful. We understand the complexity of providing support for students with a range of learning or cognitive disabilities and make plans with parents and caregivers, starting at the point of admissions, to ensure that the needs of all children are met.

Working to support students who are gifted is also central to our mission, as is providing the right level of challenge for every student. If a student is identified with learning ability and/or gifted & talented, an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) will be developed and implemented. Also to meet the needs of all our students, we collaborate to offer a range of learning support interventions. When a student requires more intensive mediation of their learning, we initiate the Student Study Team (SST) Process and implement short term interventions as the next step. If further support is needed, a diagnostic process will be initiated to confirm or rule out a learning disability. Further steps will be taken based on what is learned from the diagnostic process.

Here you will find the detailed Student Service Handbook.