Biology Teacher – American School of Kosova

Ardita Berisha

For the past five years, Ardita has emerged into a prominent teacher at ASK. She holds a B.S. in Biology from the Faculty of Natural Science, University of Prishtina, and she is currently pursuing her specialization in teaching Biology at the Faculty of Education, Prishtina. Her endeavor to passionately, patiently and professionally teach students has led her to quickly become a respected part of the learning community. Previously, she completed an internship at Medilab-Human, where she gave her contribution in laboratory analytical processes of Hematology and Biochemistry; conducted experiments to achieve Biological research objectives, and maintained bio-repository for all specimens collected.
As a volunteer of numerous programs about Kosovo’s youth activities, including UNICEF and PEN education she has eagerly adopted great experience in understanding, communicating, and collaborating with children. Ardita believes that the youth are our future, therefore, she’s dedicated to doing her part in improving their lives.If she’s not by her work desk, she can be found recharging herself with a good book, listening to music, watching tv or working out.