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ASKMUN Delegation at HagaMUN 2024

The ASKMUN delegation returned from the HagaMUN 2024 conference in The Hague after three days of engaging debates and resolutions. The experience showcased their skills in diplomacy and negotiation as they interacted with peers from around the world and tackled complex global issues. The conference provided invaluable opportunities for academic and personal growth, boosting the … Continued

New Collaboration: Internship Opportunities for Physical Education Students at ASK

We’re excited to announce a new collaboration between the American School of Kosova and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports! As part of this partnership, ASK will be offering internship opportunities to Faculty of Physical Education and Sports students, providing them with invaluable hands-on experience in a real educational setting. Additionally, they will be … Continued


American School of Kosova (ASK) believes that everyone has the potential to be a leader! Students are able to lead their own lives and affect those around them by making optimistic and positive choices. Therefore, this year, American School of Kosova  is thrilled to begin implementing “The Leader in Me” Program throughout our entire school and beyond. Although ASK has … Continued

Creativity Action Service Program

Cultivating creativity in the classroom is a critical component in encouraging students’ interest and motivation. Creativity Action Service (CAS) is a program designed for high school students, with the aim of stretching their potential and enabling them to learn and perform to the best of their abilities. This way, CAS increases students awareness of their own … Continued

Art Ahmedi Scholarship

Art Ahmedi, ASK Student, won a $100,000 scholarship from – Hofstra University, the biggest one, in the US.The opportunity to study outside of Kosovo is also one of the bonuses in the American School of Kosovo. With the provision of AP (Advanced Placement, at college level) Art Ahmed, who has 12 scholarships, if you include … Continued

Earth Day

For us at ASK, Earth Day is every day. In ways both big and small, we celebrate nature and inspire conversation and action around the preservation of our planet earth.This day serves as an embodiment of solidarity and helps push forward the message that taking action is fundamental for a better future. Thus, in honor … Continued

Distance Learning at the American School of Kosova

The American School of Kosova recognizes the value of in-person, relationship-based learning and acknowledges that distance learning is not intended to serve as replacement but rather in times of necessity, can be utilized to leverage value learning away from school. This distance learning plan provides guidelines and insights about how the ASK faculty, students, and … Continued