Flaka Jonuzi – American School of Kosova

Flaka Jonuzi

Flaka is an accomplished teaching professional with 6 years of work experience in teaching English as a second language. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Prishtina and she has been awarded with a scholarship in a world class university - University of Sheffield, in Thessaloniki - where she continued her Master’s studies in Applied Linguistics on Teaching English as a Second Language. By studying in a university with a global reputation for excellence, she had strengthened skills to support and teach children of all ages, with very engaging, dynamic, and well-organized classes. She believes that learning through role plays and games is an excellent approach for active learning and will help children use language in real situations. Moreover, in her classes, the teacher-student boundaries fall a little bit, which creates a much more positive learning environment where laughter is all you can hear. Her drama classes are often built around games or acting scenarios, which is an active and fun way to learn about ourselves and explore complex issues.